Research Focus


The research emphasis of the MatSE profile area focuses on relevant, societal issues. Innovative material solutions for complex global challenges are researched. The superordinate goals lie in the areas of energy storage and conversion, new mobility concepts, communication technologies, sustainable products and processes, health and nutrition and digitization. Yet, there is still sufficient potential for unconventional future topics that can only be developed through high-risk fundamental research. The scope ranges from basic cross-sectional topics to a variety of technological applications.


Materials development

Our research relates to the development of various materials - from focuses on sustainable, renewable building materials to graphene, 2D materials and converging design approaches for functional and structural materials. Through the use of artificial intelligence and data analytics, MatSE aims to establish new strategies for the design and characterization of materials.


Data and Life Science

MatSE profile area seeks to expand existing research activities with relevance for life science, health and biologization to contribute towards the convergence of knowledge, approaches, and insights. The integration of the engineering, natural, life, simulation and data sciences is required to find solutions to global challenges.



MatSE aims to provide innovative solution approaches towards CO2-reduced metallurgical processes. We’re also reinforcing research in the field of energy efficiency, energy conversion and energy storage. Future production should be designed in such a way that already used raw materials can be recovered without loss of quality.



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