IDEA League Doctoral School


Impressions of the IDEA League Doctoral School 2018

IDEA League Doctoral School in Aachen and Jülich

The RWTH Aachen University and the Forschungszentrum Jülich held as part of the JARA initiative the first a series of forthcoming IDEA League Doctoral Schools from 24.09. until 28.09.2018.

The IDEA League was founded in 1999 as a strategic alliance of Europe's leading technical universities, namely Imperial College London (UK), TU Delft (NL), ETH Zurich (CH) and RWTH Aachen University (DE). Due to restructuring, members of the IDEA League (since 2016) currently consist of TU Delft, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University, Chalmers University of Technology (SWE) and Politecnico di Milano (ITA).

The goal of this initiave is to keep Europe at the forefront of technology and science by strengthening cooperation through training and symposia.

The participants come from different disciplines of chemistry, physics, materials science and electrical engineering. The PhD students and PostDocs will be taught to characterize the materials using the most current and latest methods of electron microscopy used in nanosciences, solid state physics and chemistry, catalysis, materials for IT, etc. The understanding the atomic structures, processes and properties of modern materials will help shorten development cycles, improve lifespan and develop the latest technological innovations. In addition, this knowledge provides important input for modeling and simulation of these newly developed materials, as they are conceptually implemented in the "Integrated Computational Materials Engineering" (ICME). In this way, the experimental findings can be implemented and confirmed with the theoretical expectations in both directions.

The IDEA League Doctoral School has not only gave attendees an insight into high-end microscopes, but also built a network of participants and luminaries in the field, such as Prof. Joachim Mayer (RWTH Aachen University & Ernst- Ruska-Center in Jülich) and Prof. Henny Zandbergen (TU Delft & co-founder of DENS Solution). Apart from the doctoral school, the participants also discovered Aachen and its history and were able to attend the anniversary celebration of the Aachen Cathedral for appointment as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 40 years ago. The spectacular light installation at Aachen Cathedral, the pleasant atmosphere in the group as well as the intellectual challenge have impressed the participants. You will look back on a great time and look forward to a promising future with new opportunities and technical innovations.