Key Topics

  Key and cross sectional topics of the profile area MatSE Copyright: RWTH Aachen University.

The activities of the profile area Materials Science and Engineering are focusing on three key topics: structural materials, functional materials and materials for nanoelectronics and quantum information. These are characterized by a high social relevance and a clear future orientation, because they can make a possible contribution for solving global challenges in the areas energy, mobility and future information technology.

Besides the three key topics there are three cross-sectional topics: characterization methods, micro and nano fabrication and simulation with methods, bridging all length scales.

The scope ranges from basic cross-sectional topics to a variety of technological applications in the field of the global challenges.


Key Topics

  • Structural materials
    Material design and ICME;
    Structural Integrity;
    Materials for Extreme Environments;
    Efficient processes in  product manufactoring and material production;
    Sustainable Buildings
  • Functional materials
    Polymer materials, composite materials, Aachen Polymer Chain;
    Elektrochemical energy storage and converter;
    Functional materials within inorganic and physical chemistry
  • Materials for nanoelectronic and quantum information
    Resistive switching in oxides and phase change materials;
    Graphene and two dimensional material systems;
    Quantum information: Materials and implementation;
    Topological insulators;
    Solid State Lighting, energyefficient electronic and renewable energy generation

Cross-sectional topics

  • Characterisation methods
  • Mikro- and nanofabrication
  • Simulation with ab initio methods