About MatSE


Materials Science and Engineering

New developments in the field of energy technology, mobility and information technology prove that the solution of global challenges is frequently based on materials as technology drivers.

The profile area Materials Science and Engineering, MatSE for short, has set itself the goals to strengthen the international competitiveness of the RWTH Aachen University, to unite the existing competences and to support the development of unconventional future issues.

Materials Science and Engineering have a long tradition at the RWTH Aachen University. The materials science and engineering research is interlinked across many faculties like no other discipline and extends from basic research in physics and chemistry to engineering applications.

In accordance with the mission statement of RWTH Aachen University, MatSE wants to strengthen the two fundamental pillars of a successful academic system: creating excellent conditions for independent basic research (‘from first principles’) and integrating the findings into a rapid technological development by a systematical interdisciplinary cooperation between the participating natural sciences and engineering disciplines (‘to first to the market’).

In many instances the research projects follow a holistic approach: they focus on comprehensive processing of scientific aspects, from the theoretical understanding with ab initio methods to the conception, processing and technological application of new high performance materials. The areas of research include all groups of materials, which extends from metallic, ceramics and glasses to polymers and biomaterials – for both structural materials in industrial application and functional materials in future applications.

The solution of global challenges is frequently based on materials as technology drivers.

Professor Joachim Mayer