About Matse

Two researchers give a presentation © Copyright: Martin Braun

Materials science and engineering is the key enabler for innovative products that are essential to solve numerous societal challenges, such as the energy and mobility revolution, digitization in most areas of life, demographic change as well as economic structural change.

The profile area ‘Materials Science and Engineering', MatSE in short, is well networked. The around 70 participating chairs and research areas extend across the five largest faculties at RWTH Aachen University.

Materials science and engineering research ranges from basic research in physics and chemistry to in-depth engineering applications. Within the German materials science community, the profile area already holds an outstanding position. In addition, MatSE has set itself the goal of strengthening the international competitiveness of RWTH Aachen University through excellent materials research by bundling existing competencies and supporting the development of unconventional future topics.

Besides structural materials for industrial applications such as automotive and civil engineering, the focus is also on socially relevant functional materials for future applications such as in information technology or the biomedical sector. The research areas cover all material classes, from metallic materials, ceramics and glass to polymers and biomaterials

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